Pressure switch series

Pressure controller Supplier for water pump

An automatic water pump pressure controller is an intelligent and economical system designed for water pressure management. It helps prevent delays, minimise vibrations, and allow for precise and accurate control of your water supply. replaces devices such as pressure tanks and pressure sensors.

We own the brand LASPA , We have 9 series electric switch and ten series pressure switch , we also have the export license and VAT certificate, And all series pump control have the CE certificate ,and IEC report .

Our professional experience, quality control system, and after-sales service are the guarantees for us to win customer satisfaction. Our task is to continuously improve the intelligence of our products and improve the comfort of our customers' water use. The use of more environmentally friendly materials as product source materials reduces the harm to the natural environment during product production and use. We are committed to providing customers with safer, healthier, and more convenient water control systems and sustainable water solutions.

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