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WENLING OUYI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Produce the automatic pump control and mechanical pressure switch, float switch, air compressor switch, water pump. We own the brand LLASPA , We have 9 series electric switch and ten series pressure switch , we also have the export license and VAT certificate, And all series pump control have the CE certificate ,and IEC report .


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have the CE, ROHS certificate
and IEC report


more than 300 whole salers more
than 1000 distributors nationwide


Over 15 years of experience
in manufacturing and foreign trade sales


Provide professional technical
solutions for customers

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protection settings
built-in spring
check valve
Low noise

Benefits of
Automatic Water Pump
Pressure Controller

An automatic water pump pressure controller is an intelligent and economical system designed for water pressure management. It helps prevent delays, minimise vibrations, and allow for precise and accurate control of your water supply. replaces devices such as pressure tanks and pressure sensors.

Automatically stops the water pump from running dry and overheating when the water supply is running out.

Makes your plumbing or irrigation system more efficient, meaning you'll save water and possibly electricity as well.

Automatically activates the electric pump, so you don't need to stand by the water pump to turn it on or shut it down manually.

When shut down, the auto-restart feature periodically checks if there is water supply, so you don't have to turn it on again manually.

Circuitry is less complicated than using a traditional water pressure system, meaning the plumbing is less cumbersome and troubleshooting is much simpler.

Pressure controller suitable for JET Pump series,Centrifugal Pump series,Vortex Pump series,Sewage Pump series

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